"The Sounds of Silence" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season three.


Everyone is worried that Amy is not taking the news about Ben and Adrian so well. Meanwhile, Anne agrees to go on a date with George and George has Donovan help him plan a romantic evening. George pays $1,000 to reserve the back room of a fancy restaurant for his date with Anne. But Anne has to go take care of Mimsy and cancels on George! Luckily, George convinces Ashley (and John and Robbie) to go with him instead. While they’re there, George talks to Ashley about her feelings for Ricky.

Meanwhile, Leo tells Ricky that he would like to offer his mother a job at the butcher. He suggests that Ricky ask Ruben to help get his mother out of jail. Ricky does not want to waste his favors on his mother that was never there for him. But later, Ricky decides to ask Ruben for help with his mom and Ruben agrees to see what he can do. He also asks Ricky to forgive Adrian.

Ben goes with Adrian to her first OB/GYN appointment and he is not happy when he finds out that the doctor treating Adrian is a male. And elsewhere, Amy makes her first phone call in a few day -- to Adrian! She asks Adrian if they can still be friends and Adrian accepts.

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