"The Splits" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Ben and Adrian consider each other again due to their long past. How will this affect their peers, due to the fact that they've recently grown attached and attracted to other people.

Ben takes Dylan out to dinner at Geoffs', and she pressures him into telling her about his relationships with Amy and Adrian. She admits that she's jealous of them.

Grace talks to Adrian about how she's feeling about Jacob. She's not happy, and Adrian says that nobody can make her happy.

Adrian tells Omar that she thinks that Ben is a good guy. She also gets the divorce papers in the mail, and brings them back to the recycling, and apparently, at first, refuses to sign them.

Ricky reveals to Dylan that Ben and Amy got married. Ben, after the fact, tells Dylan that his marriage to Amy wasn't valid. Then, Ben admits to Dylan that he spent a summer in Bologna, implying that he didn't lose his virginity to Adrian, but to Maria

Betty unexpectedly shows up at the Boykewich house again. Camille leaves, after having dinner with Leo, because she is uncomfortable with the situation. Leo goes to her house and confronts her, simply by saying that he wants to talk to her. Camille reveals to Leo that she wants to have children. When Leo and Betty first got engaged, he told her that he didn't want any more children.

After a night together, Jack brings Grace back to Adrian's condo. Grace reveals that they made out in his car, and when she turns around to go back into the condo, Jack hits her on the butt. He claims that he doesn't know what to do with "friends' hands".

Amy and Ricky share a moment. He tells her that he wants to get married.

Tom lies to Jacob and says that he has an ID. They are supposedly going to Adrian's condo to see Grace, but Tom can't find it. A cop ends up pulling them over, and Tom hands over his fishing ID. He reveals to the cop, after the cop asks him, that he is the son of Dr. Marshall Bowman, but that Jacob is, too.

Ben brings Dylan home, and they pretend (for her parents' sake, who happen to be listening at the front door) that she and Ben had sex that night. When her parents freak out, they open the door, whereupon Dylan and Ben say, "Gotcha!" thus ending the episode.

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