"The Summer of Our Discontent" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on July 27, 2009.


The episode starts with Jack, Madison, and Ben all sitting in a room together waiting for Grace. When she comes in, they tell her it is a support group for everyone who has lost a parent. Then, Jack admits to Grace that he won't be around for the summer because he is going away to football camp. She is clearly upset, but tells him its fine.

Amy is standing at her locker, when Madison comes up to ask if Amy has seen the yearbook. She says she was late to homeroom, and didn't get one. Lauren comes over and hands Amy the yearbook she got her. In the yearbook is a picture of Amy, very pregnant, and she gets mad, and walks away.

Ricky is talking to Adrian, who wants to come over his apartment so they can sleep together. He tells her, we'll see, and she is mad. Amy is at the counselor's office when he tells her that she has incompletes in three different classes, and she needs to go to summer school. Amy is stopped by Ricky, who asks her if John can spend the night at his apartment. She is hesitant, and tells Ricky about how her life is horrible, and he cracks a joke to make her feel better. She ends up saying yes to his offer.

Ben stops Amy in the hallway, and asks if she wants to say good-byes that night and go out to eat, but Amy declines and tells him she wants to say good-bye right now. She then rips out the picture of herself out of the yearbook. Grace is in the counselor's office when he tells her that she got into a Medical Camp for the summer, she is not sure if she wants to go or not.

Ricky is at his new apartment when he opens his bedroom door, only to see Adrian on his bed. He tells her that he is going to have John stay at his house that night. Adrian asks why he would want his son there instead of her. She then leaves when Ricky has to go to work. She goes over to Ashley and George's house, and when she gets there, she asks George if hes moving back in with Anne, and that she knows about his lie. After she leaves, Ashley comes down, and screams at her father that he needs to tell Anne the truth before she marries David.

Grace is talking with her mom about the program, and her mom says that she should do it. Ricky goes over Amy's house to get John, when Amy tells him that John is asleep, and he won't wake up for another hour or two. Ricky offers to wait for him to wake up, and Amy agrees, and goes to sleep in her room.

Jack comes over Grace's house, and she tells him that she is going to Med Camp He is sad when he hears that it is the whole summer. Amy wakes up the next morning, and hears a knock at the door, it is Ben. He greets her with a kiss, but then Ricky comes downstairs holding John. Ben gets upset and leaves.

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  • This was the last appearance of Marc Molina.