"The Text Big Thing" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Amy sets a date for her wedding. The news spreads (Leo ends up telling Ben, and he may take it badly); so does a rumor about Anne.

Amy tells Ricky that she and Ben met at Fiano's while she was waiting for her pizza in The Splits. Ricky says that he doesn't care that they ran into each other, or that they talked.

Ben hangs out with Dylan, Raven, Mercedes, and Wendy. He gets upset that Henry texts him, and they all tell him to start his friendship with Henry again, so as to ensure loyalty to Dylan. He does, and Henry and Alice have a sleepover with him.

Grace and Jack will re-visit their discussion from Allies to try to figure out where they stand. They will probably talk about whether or not to be boyfriend/girlfriend again, and what commitment really means to both of them.

Adrian will probably consider her proposal from Omar. She'll probably evaluate her priorities and consider where she and Omar stand, and whether or not she feels strongly enough about him to marry him. Or if she actually wants to get married at all.

Jack will ask an unknown person an unknown question. The only thing we know about this situation is that this question and answer back and forth is important.

In order to appease Katelyn, Amy will start to study more.

Lauren and Madison still appear to be best friends again. It is unknown if Amy knows about this and if she agrees or approves of it.

Apparently, Dylan and her friends have changed their ways. They also are rumored to have some new plans for the future.

Dylan and Ben may take their relationship to the next level. It is also rumored that they will spend the night together.

Ben will more than likely get a text from Henry, telling him that he wants to be friends again and that he wants to have a sleepover with him.

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