"They Gotta Eat" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.


The scene opens at the summer school, where Madison wants to talk to Amy. Madison tells Amy that she misses her friends and she is sorry about what she did. Amy tells her that she wouldn’t forgive her until Lauren does. Amy calls Lauren and tells her about her conversation with Madison. Lauren tells her that Madison tried calling her too and so did Jesse. She tells Amy that she doesn’t want Madison as her best friend. Just then Lauren’s dad walks in and she disconnects the call. Ricky calls Amy and tells her that his mom, Nora, wants them to go over for dinner. She tells him she doesn’t mind hanging around with Nora and that she was more fun than his foster parents. Ben arrives to meet Ricky.

Ricky tells him that everyone knows about Ben dating a pot-head. Ben tells him that the Principal has been sending out letters encouraging family dinners. Ben tells Ricky that his father doesn’t want him to see Dylan but he doesn’t intend to listen to him. Ricky tells him that by doing this he would lose all the respect and trust his father has on him. Ricky tells him that he should go for another girl. And also dine with his father at night. Lauren’s dad is talking to Leo and tells him that he should consider letting his son meet Dylan; after confirming that they wouldn’t smoke pot again. Leo is wondering as to why can’t Ben take a break after all that has happened. Lauren’s dad, Dr. Fields, who is also a therapist, tells Leo that he should communicate with his son during dinner and avoid any sort of interrogation.

He tells Leo about the conversation, where he heard Lauren hates her best friend. Leo tells that it is an obvious thing to happen, as Madison slept with Lauren’s boyfriend. That is news! They decide to talk a little more. Madison’s father asks her about the conversation she had with Amy. She tells him that Amy wouldn’t forgive her until Lauren forgives her. He finds it ridiculous that they would end their friendship because “Madison bought the same bag pack as Lauren”. So even he is unaware of the truth. She tells him that she is might have to find new friends. Her dad wants to take Madison out to dinner. He got the letter from the Principal. So did Nora. Ricky wants to have dinner just with Nora and not George; Amy’s father. Lauren’s dad too wants to take her out for dinner. Madison’s dad, Morgan calls Dr. Fields. Morgan suggests that the four of them should have a talk.

Morgan says that they have been friends for such a long time and there has to be some way of getting them back together. He also tells Fields that they should call George. After all it’s about the three of them. Grace tells Adrian about the Principal’s letter. Adrian tells Grace that everyone got that letter. Grace fears that her mother would find out the truth. Adrian asks Grace to go along with her for the family dinner. But Grace refuses saying that she needs to talk to her mom over the phone before she meets her face to face. Amy arrives at her dad’s and she is surprised to meet Lauren and Madison at her house with their fathers. George wants to know what is going on. Amy texts her father across the table! And he is taken aback. George thinks that Amy and he should stay out of this. But Madison thinks that Amy is in it as she took sides.

Fields tells Morgan that it was wrong of Madison to sleep with her friend’s boyfriend. Morgan is shocked to hear this as he wasn’t aware of it. Adrian is having dinner with her family. Ruben, her dad, is angry with her as he thinks that she shouldn’t be sexually involved with any other guy before she is divorced. She tells them about the fight between Henry and Ben and also about Ben seeing Dylan. Taking Fields's advice, Leo meets Dylan and her parents at his place. Leo tells all the things Ben has been through. He tells them that Ben is a good kid and he also realizes that Dylan too is a nice kid. Dylan confesses to her parents that the pot was her friend’s and not Ben’s. Just then Ben walks in and is stumped to see Dylan and her family. But then Dylan’s father decides to leave.

Her mother apologizes for any misunderstandings they had about Ben. George tells Amy that the idea of dinner with the friends was a good one; though it was Morgan’s. He is upset that Amy didn’t tell him about what was going on and waited to text him until dinner. Amy tells him that Jack is crazy about Grace and that didn’t go well with Madison. She never expected her to do this to Lauren. Also they don’t like Jesse anymore. George tells her why is it so difficult for her to forgive Madison, when she forgave Ricky for what he had done. He asks her to get over it. He tells her that just because things turned out good for her, doesn’t make her better than anyone else. She has no right to judge. Ricky is having dinner with Nora. She asks him as to who does he love more; her or Margaret. And for him it’s Margaret.

Nora wants to know what she could do to get him to love her best. He tells her that Margret was a mother to both of them when they needed the most. He is happy that they are getting to know each other. But he is never going to forgive his father. Just then Amy arrives and she seems angry. Ricky forgot to call her and inform her about the change of plan. Amy tells him what happened at George’s. Meanwhile, Jack arrives to meet Grace. He has brought her food. She thinks that her life went downhill after they had sex. But he tells her that it wasn’t the reason and that she needs to stop lying to her mom and go back home. Just then her mom calls her. Kathleen tells her that she knows what she is doing as Tom told her everything. But she was waiting for her daughter to tell her the truth. She is also happy that she decided to tell her the truth.

Kathleen tells Grace that her dad had a girlfriend in Africa for a long time. Next, Leo tells Ben that he enjoyed having the conversation they had. He tells Ben that he liked the fact that Dylan told her parents the truth. He assures his son that the two of them will always have dinner together. Meanwhile, Lauren tells her father that she is sick of talking to him and wants him to leave her room. He tells her that Madison did a lousy thing; but this is why he feels that high school is too early to have sex, as young adults are inept to handle these things. He tells her that she shouldn’t put a guy over her best friend, who she has known for practically all her life. They decide to have dinner as they weren’t able to have much at George’s. Next, Morgan gets pizza for Madison.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to eat as she is too embarrassed of what she has done. She tells him that she did it without thinking much and also that she was annoyed at Lauren for being so perfect. She tells him that she gets too weak when some guy tells her that he wants her. He tells her to write Lauren a letter. Amy is sad that Ricky tricked her in having dinner with her father alone and then it turned up the way it did. Ricky tells her that he is sorry for tonight. Amy tells him that they aren’t going to forgive Madison. She tells him that she is upset with Madison, only for sleeping with Lauren’s boyfriend.

Next, Jacob comes to meet Kathleen. He tells her that he wants to live with her; else his mother would send him to the boarding school. He tells her that he wants to get to know his brother and sister. She tells him that she wants the children to have some time to absorb all this. He tells her that he can take care of himself and that he is a good kid. She tells him that she has to go and hopes that Jeff is more honest than his father was. The episode ends.

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