"Til It's Gone" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season two


Maria's still in town when we see Ben again, and this time, they're not just hugging. They're in his room at home. But when Leo comes in to see what all the giggling's about, she's hiding in the closet and Ben's pretending to be studying. Leo knows something's up, but he's not sure what.

Ben's not the only one not studying. Griffin and Ashley are having a (platonic, mind you) sleepover as well, complete with a face mask (his) and pedicure (hers). And over at Adrian's house, she continues to hold out on hooking up with Ricky until she can be sure he's the guy she'll end up with in the future. He's saying all the right things, but all she's giving up is kisses.

It's a very different story with Kathleen and her younger man, Jeff. But after he lets his nightly call with his mom go to voicemail so he can focus on Kathleen, mom shows up unexpectedly. This prompts Kathleen to reveal her cheatin' past, because she wants to be up front and honest. But instead of being upset, Jeff later tells her over the phone that he loves her. Yep, he said the four-letter word.

Meanwhile, Grace has found her own form of sexual recreation, and no, it isn't with Jack. (But when he shows up unannounced and finds her bedroom full of candles and rose petals, he assumes she's cheating on him.) Later, Tom charges him serious cash for the news that Grace is having sex with ... herself. Remember when her mom suggested it? Well, Grace likes it so much, she tells Kathleen she may never want to see Jack again. Wait, is it really supposed to work like that?

And over in a different household, Leo busts in on Maria and Ben in a more-than-just-friends situation. Maria, far from acting busted, however, is all Italian warmth toward Leo—even if he doesn't like that Ben's fooling around when he's still dating Amy. Leo also seems to know Maria's father, Rocco Mancini. Even though we don't find out just who this mysterious Rocco is, Leo is less than happy to hear the name. And while Leo's chewing out Ben in the hallway, Maria dials up dear old dad to tell him that she loves Ben, and she wants him now. Uh-oh.

Amy and Anne, on the other hand, are having their own kind of fun when they go late-night grocery shopping, sans babies. (Mimsy's nurse is watching the kids.) But they pick up a lot more than just cereal when Anne runs into her old fling and high school boyfriend, Josh. Yeah, that's the guy she cheated on George with in Chicago—and he wants to give it another go. Meanwhile, Josh's son Jimmy is putting the moves on Amy in the next aisle over, and, though she knows in the back of her head that she technically has a boyfriend, she's still game for a little flirting.

Over at Adrian's house, Ricky's still on pins and needles waiting for Amy to return with John, and it's really messing with his relationship with Adrian. Well, that, and his desire to have sex and her determination to hold off on it. So, bored with just making out and having given up on waiting for Amy to appear with his baby, Ricky leaves Adrian's—and takes home another girl, Zoe.

Speaking of cheating hearts, Ben's convinced he needs to break up with Amy—no more of this feeling like an old married couple thing—because Maria has convinced him that life can be fun again! But how to do it? He's so torn, he even calls up Adrian for help, despite Ricky's demand that the two of them never talk again.

Amy finally comes home with John—but without Anne. Not only did Ames happen to get her driver's license on the way to the beach, she also drove home in her brand-new SUV ... all by herself. And the kicker? Anne's not with her because she's with Josh, her old high school boyfriend, again. When his daughters accidentally spill the beans, George is more than angry. Same goes for Ricky, who shows up at Amy's later that day after getting tipped off about the homecoming by Ben (who got tipped off by Adrian). And this time, Ricky's threatening to go to court so he can get his rights to see John, with or without Amy's consent.

As for Adrian? Well, she has a rude awakening of her own when Zoe, Ricky's bed buddy, calls her up and divulges the sordid details of her night with Ricky. Zoe kind of has reason to, after all: Adrian slept with Zoe's boyfriend, Mac. So much for progress, huh? But watch out, because now Adrian is seething mad at Ricky.

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