Thomas "Tom" Bowman is Grace Bowman's adoptive brother. He was adopted by the Bowman family after his mother passed away during his early years. He is portrayed by Luke Zimmerman.


Tom is very loyal to his family and protective of Grace. He is shown to be especially caring towards his family when his adoptive father, Dr. Marshall Bowman, dies in a plane crash. He is also interested in sex as well as his sister, Grace. He once called an escort service, in which a prostitute named Betty came, but instead of having sex, she spends the evening talking with Tom, allowing him to vent his frustrations.

Tom later meets a girl named Tammy and wants to marry her even though they've been on one date. At one point, he even proposes to Adrian Lee, but she gently turns him down. Tom and Jack Pappas share the Bowmans' guesthouse for some time after Tom becomes impatient for more independence that his mother is willing to allow him. He also cheated on Tammy, but then Tammy got married. He later becomes a vice-president of Human Resources and starts dating a woman with two children that he met on the bus on his way to work. Tammy does show up again later in Season 5, sneaking down the steps of the Bowman family house. Tom reveals to Kathleen and George Juergens that he promised to marry Tammy just because he wanted a physical relationship.

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