"When Opportunity Knocks" is a The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode from season four.

Synopsis Edit

Ricky’s moms, Nora and Margaret, are both unhappy when they discover Ricky is living with Amy.

Meanwhile, Ben is agitated and starts making it more known just how much he wants to leave Adrian to everyone but Adrian.

Grace returns from Africa and reveals to Adrian that she cheated on Grant.

Leo begs Camille to return to his office, but she refuses and says she does not want to see him again right before she kisses him goodbye.

Ricky and Amy separately drop by the other’s parent’s house to try to ease the disappoint about their new living situation. Margaret and Shakur are more accepting than George.

Ashley makes it to Toby’s grandmother’s house in Florida in only a week.

Grant has a feeling something weird is up with Grace. Grace reveals that she slept with a guy named Daniel to Kathleen, Jack overhears. Jack answers the door to find Daniel and sizes up his competition.

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