"Whoomp! (There It Is)" is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on March 9, 2009.


Amy's baby shower is tomorrow, and Adrian's slacking on her party-planning duties: She hasn't even sent out the invites! Instead, she's waiting on an M.I.A. Max (aka her kind-of-step-brother) to call her. So now she's got everyone feeling insulted that they're not invited, from Madison and Lauren to Anne and Ashley. And the boys, of course, are all unwelcome at the all-girls affair.

Over at the Juergens household, George is getting ready to move out ... much to Anne's delight. She won't be too thrilled, however, to learn that Ashley plans on going to live with him.

Ricky, on the other hand, is starting to warm up to his future-father duties, doing everything from basic laundry and vacuuming to diaper practice. Yeah, we didn't think we'd see the day, either.

However, we did see this one coming: Jack and Grace start making out when they're supposed to be blowing up balloons for the party. But if Jack thinks he can get away with this, he's wrong. Shawna's sniffed out a cheater and is determined to catch the girl he's cheating with ... by showing up at the baby shower. Well, he DID invite her.

And at baby shower central, aka Adrian's condo, Max finally shows up. As it turns out, Ruben's threatening to send him to military school if he doesn't break it off with her. But Max can't leave without a parting gift, can he? And we all know what THAT gift will be...

But Max and Adrian's plans for a little lovin' are foiled when Grace shows up for the party earlier than expected. While the non-siblings are trying to take their relationship to the next level in the bedroom, Grace is left to do the entertaining, greeting first an irate Shawna, and then Marc Molina's wife, Virginia, and that woman's crazy mother, who rams Kathleen's car in the parking lot. No wonder Marc's having marriage regrets!

Meanwhile, Amy and Ben are having a hardcore makeout session in the back of Leo's car, and all that sexual activity must have excited the baby ... because it's about to show up, like, right NOW, three weeks ahead of schedule. Just as Amy's walking up the steps to her shower. Luckily, Adrian's neighbor finds Amy on the steps and dashes inside to get Ashley and Anne for help. They all rush off the hospital and phone George and Ben.

Back at the party, Ruben shows up unexpectedly and outs Adrian and Max, but Adrian outs him back by revealing he's been cheating on his wife (aka Max's mom) with Cindy. Max also kind of outs Adrian by saying he's in love with her, but she (surprise surprise) won't say it back. Ouch.

And at Duncan's house, Shawna returns from the baby shower having outed the girl Jack's been cheating with -- and she guessed right. But it's not really Grace she has a problem with. It's Jack's young friends in general. Shawna IS 20, after all. The two decide to part on good terms, and luckily, Jack still gets to keep Duncan as a mentee.

Finally, George finds the courage to tell Anne that Ashley's moving in with him, and Amy finds the time to call Ricky and ask him to come to the hospital. We have a feeling everything's about to change ... big time.