"You Are My Everything" is the second episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on July 8, 2008.


New love is in the air when we find Amy and Ben in the school hallway together after their romantic night at the youth fellowship post game party. Even Ricky can't get a date with Amy now, despite the fact that, you know, she's sort of carrying his baby. And Adrian? Well, she's always a safe bet for Ricky, even though we get the distinct sense he means a little bit more to her than she's letting on. Let's just hope he's not gonna mess that one up.

Meanwhile, Jack's desperately pleading to win back Grace's love (hers and her whole family's), thanks to his little judgment error: kissing Adrian in front of the whole school. Too bad or good thing? Grace doesn't know what else happened, even if Jack did tell everybody in the whole locker room.

And Jack's not the only big mouth on campus. Thanks to Lauren and Madison's gossipy ways, the whole school knows that Amy and Ricky had one fateful night at band camp together due to Henry and Alice overhearing Madison and Lauren talking about it. Of course, it inevitably gets back to Ben, and boy, is he upset. So's Amy, who starts giving her BFFs the silent treatment. But she eventually forgives them, as so often happens in girl land.

Speaking of the silent treatment, Grace can't seem to give Jack the cold shoulder for too long, even if her parents won't let her see him ever again. But maybe they have good reason after all, he lies through his teeth when Grace asks what happened between him and Adrian. Grace totally buys into the lie, and things are good between them for now.

And as for the happy new couple, things are about to get a lot more serious, because Ben told Amy he loved her. And he's even willing to overlook the whole Ricky thing. Amy's so smitten, she's almost forgotten there's another B bomb about to come.

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