"Your Cheatin' Heart" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It aired on August 19, 2008.


Grandma Mimsy's in town to take Amy back home with her, while a devastated Ben roams the hallways. And, while Grace and Adrian are nurturing their new sort-of friendship, Adrian tells Ricky she doesn't want to see him anymore—at least, not if he's going to be involved in this baby business. But maybe all this talk of babies has gotten Adrian curious about her own roots, because she asks school counselor Marc Molina to help her find her father.

But Adrian's not the only one with M.I.A. parents. During a rare Tom-Ricky bonding session, we find out that Tom's actually adopted. Ricky's a little freaked out by this, and, instead of opening up to Grace, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Marc Molina catches Adrian and Jack snooping around his office for her permanent record. But, instead of getting them suspended from school, he does something even bigger: He gives Adrian her birth certificate. But what's Jack got to do with all of this? Oh, well, Adrian's just going to try and help Jack win back Grace's heart ...

Back at the Juergens household, a newer, sexier Madison goes to visit Amy, after an all-out war with Lauren to seduce Ricky. Though neither Madison nor Lauren won Ricky, Madison gets something better: a date with Lauren's brother Jason. As for Amy, things go awry when Mimsy reveals that she has Alzheimer's. So, how's Amy going to go away with a woman who can't even take care of herself? Looks like it's good news for Ben, because Amy just might have to stay. Will Anne let a sorry George come back and pick up the pieces? And will Amy really keep her baby or marry Ben? Now comes the hard part.